Who will take The Iron Throne

Who will take The Iron Throne

Julia Davis & Brittany Murphy  =O

I Always Noted Her Death To Be Suspicious, Seriously Flipping Out. Everyone Around Julia Died: Father, Neighbor, Brittany, & Simon.

Worst Part Is Everything Checks Out: Documents, Claims, Files, Videos, Letters, & Lab Results.

Luckily Julia Won The Lawsuit Against Homeland Security.

I Just Hope The Connection To Brittany Really Comes To Light <3

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What if Netflix doubled as a Dating Service like- “Here are 7 other singles that watched Orange Is The New Black for 8 hours straight in your area”.

Find your ONE TRUE PAIRING, on Netflix mingles.


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John Cameron Mitchell - The Origin of Love

Haircut! All By Myself :D - Spontaneity

"Livin’ Just As Free As My Hair"

"&#8230;I Just Killed My Boyfriend&#8230;&#8221; x_X

"…I Just Killed My Boyfriend…” x_X

Btvs 3.07 || Angel 1.19

My Safe Place - My Bedroom

Care To Join?

My Safe Place - My Bedroom

Care To Join?

A vampire in love with a slayer. It’s rather poetic, in a maudlin sort of way.



I feel like I die

until i feel your touch…


“My name is Xena.  Some call me the Warrior Princess.  Some call me ‘murderer.’  Many years ago there was a village called Cirra.  It was a village just like yours, small, prosperous and full of life… until a day that my army came.  Until the day that I came, destroyed it. Under my orders, my men, they sacked the village, burned the houses and killed every living thing.  Everything was destroyed. Including the soul of one young, innocent girl, who will never be able to reclaim her childhood, and will never know what the Fates had planned for her if not for me.”

Thankfully for us, it did happen. I so enjoy Hudson’s performance. Delicious and poignant when you least expect it.